Wednesday, July 24, 2013

MoMonday (Monday, July 29)

Monday, July 29, 6:00-9:30 p.m.
Tickets $10 adv/$15 at the door

MoMondays will introduce you to some of the most interesting, informative, and inspiring people in Guelph. At each MoMondays event, six to eight speakers share their passions and ideas. Some are funny; some are thought-provoking or powerful. It’s the perfect combination of heart, humour, and happiness! It’s short and punchy, with each speaker on stage for no longer than fifteen minutes. 

About two months ago I was asked to speak at a MoMondays event. I had never been to one and had no idea what I was getting into. It was unlike anything I had been a part of before--I was amazed by the energy, the positive vibe, and the connection I felt with the speakers, many of who revealed some truly personal aspects of their lives.

I thought, “Guelph would be perfect for something like this!”

So on July 29th at the ebar from 6:00-9:30 p.m., MoMondays in Guelph will present some truly amazing local speakers.

Here is a quick overview of the July 29th lineup:

Bruce Ysselstein

Ten years ago Bruce weighed 300 lbs and had to take a break when he tied his shoes. Just last weekend he qualified for the National Triathlon Team and will be representing Canada at the World Championship Series Grand Final in 2014.

How is such a remarkable transformation possible? Bruce’s message: "Baby steps." You can end up in a far different place than you might have thought you were headed without ever having realized that you changed direction. That said, it's equally simple to knowingly change direction by creating a long-term goal, taking small steps toward it, and having the courage and perseverance to see it through.

Candice Lepage

Failure is not the end of the world!

Candice ran a small deli-counter type business in Guelph for five years from 2004 to 2009 which ultimately failed. She wants to talk about how much she learned from that experience and how the fear of failure keeps people from truly learning in life.

Candice has a compelling story and a really magnetic personality. When she told me that she wanted to speak on "failure" I was a little taken aback--but then I realised that most of the great tales I tell people are not necessary stories of conquest and accomplishment but more often about the ones that got away!

Mike Schreiner

MoMondays is all about real people sharing personal stories, and this is no exception. Many of you will know Mike Schreiner as the leader of the Green Party of Ontario and local candidate in Guelph; however, this is NOT about politics. Mike will get personal and share the challenges he overcame to pursue his passion to foster the local sustainable food movement.

Come out and meet the man behind the election sign and find out why his daughter started calling him “the Local Food Dude.”

Michael Santonato

The Host of MoMondays in Richmond Hill, Michael is “The Relationship Master” and his new book Find Em & Keep Em; A Guide to Attracting the Right Partner is due out later this year.

What can I say?? Michael Santonato is one of the coolest people I have met. He introduced me to the whole MoMondays phenomenon. I can’t wait to hear him speak!

Marc Seguin

Addict, trauma survivor, and believer in the healing powers of hope, Marc knows that walking through painful feelings doesn't lead to the doom and pits of despair it seems to foreshadow.

The story may be unique but the feelings are universal. 

Dino Scrementi

When I asked people
in Guelph whose story they wanted to hear, Dino’s name kept coming up. Everybody knows him as that crazy guy with the beanie cap. An independent downtown merchant for almost 30 years, Dino is famous for his summer sports camp for lower-income families.

When asked what he wanted to share, it was simple: “Why I love living in Guelph.”

Debbie Mann

Debbie went from a six-figure income to homelessness and back during her struggle with chronic depression. Her story is about not only her suffering, but about her journey back to life, self love, and humour.

Host: Mike Salisbury

Mike is a landscape architect and the principal of Earthartist Planning and Design, specialising in the development of “playable landscapes” for children. Previously elected to Guelph City Council, he is passionate about creating great places to live and play.

Recently rekindling his interest in community theatre, Mike is scheduled to appear in the pantomime adaptation of Beauty and the Beast this fall at the Century Church Theatre in Hillsburg.

Please come out to the inaugural MoMondays event in Guelph. Advance online tickets are $10, or $15 cash at the door.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Amanda Rheaume and Tara Holloway (Tuesday, July 16)

Amanda Rheaume and Tara Holloway
Tuesday, July 16
Part of Birds on a Wire

Amanda Rheaume

Raised in Ottawa, Amanda Rheaume began writing songs at age fifteen, inspired by the second-generation “girls with guitars” like Ani DiFranco and Alanis Morissette. A year later, Sarah McLachlan and the Indigo Girls invited Rheaume to perform with them at Lilith Fair at the Molson Amphitheatre, where Rheaume had been hanging out backstage with her production coordinator aunt, Jocelyn Rheaume. Rheaume says that’s when the music business bug bit her, and Lilith’s spirit of musical community has never left her either.

Rheaume has endeared herself to an enormous network of Canadian artists she now considers friends, including well-known names like Chantal Kraviazuk and Holly McNarland, the latter of whom cowrite “Kiss Me Back” for Rheaume’s latest CD. As news about her spreads beyond the capital, Guelph will have a chance to discover what Canadian musicians and people in the capital have known for some time: that Rheaume is an instantly-likeable artist both on and off the stage, one who's got the voice, the sound, and the songwriting chops to share stages with the best. 

Tara Holloway

Tara was born in Ottawa, spent her formative years growing up in Vancouver ("East Side Story"), and always, always singing.  As a teenager she began performing publicly, playing guitar and writing her own songs.  Since then she has toured across Canada and the United States, playing, writing and recording with artists like Jon Tiven ("In the Flesh"), Lyle Workman, Ben Lee, Dony Wynn, China Doll, Seven Year Old Poets, Val McCallum, Creed Bratton and Bob Thiele, Jr (Sons of Anarchy).

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Funk Hunters (Friday, July 12)

The Funk Hunters
Friday, July 12
$10 door (19+ LLBO)

The Funk Hunters are one of Canada’s busiest electronic acts. Performing their signature high-energy DJ sets and groundbreaking audio-visual show at some of the world’s most popular music festivals and clubs has earned them an international following. The duo (Dunks & The Outlier) first teamed up because of a mutual love for “hunting” good music, and today this passion still rings true as they continue to champion the simple but often lost idea that the music itself comes first, regardless of attachments to genre. The Funk Hunters are now in high demand, receiving bookings, accolades, and remix requests from all corners of the electronic music scene.

Armed with four turntables, their very own custom-synched visuals, and the unique ability to create live mashups and remixes, their live show stands out. Seamlessly blending original productions with everything from Hip Hop to House, Glitch Hop to Drum & Bass, and everything funky in between, The Funk Hunters create original sets never replicated. Refusing to be confined by genres, it’s not uncommon to find this duo headlining an all-bass music festival one night and then performing a funk, soul, or boogie set the next. Their new audio-visual show continues to see them push boundaries, merging their skills as music producers, visual artists, and DJs into a truly unique live experience. By producing their own custom content, they’ve managed to avoid the stigma associated with "music-video DJs," yet still preserve their improvised multi-genre-style DJ performance – only now they’re equipped with synched visuals, controlled straight from the turntables.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Meredith Shaw (Tuesday, July 2)

Meredith Shaw
Tuesday, July 2
Part of Birds on a Wire

The past two years have been a whirlwind for the dynamically delightful Toronto-based singer/songwriter Meredith Shaw.

After releasing her critically-acclaimed, effervescent and delightfully refreshing debut album, Place Called Happy, she embarked on an extensive tour with Big Sugar, criss-crossing the continent, assembling experiences and stories that were irresistible fodder for Shaw’s clever and creative imagination.

She will be releasing a series of three-song EPs affectionately coined ‘Tringles’ with special guest artists and producers that capture the essence of her talent, charm, personality, playfulness and also boldly proclaims a confident maturity as a songwriter.

She beams with justifiable pride and excitement when thinking about the upcoming release, Trouble, as it represents a significant step in her artistic journey and also effectively captures the different sides to her delightfully complex personality.

And her many fans are also excited to hear the new music coming from their favourite, fabulous singer/songwriter.

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Mitch Winthrop (Sunday, June 30)

Mitch Winthrop
Sunday, June 30 10:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.
$5 door (19+ LLBO)

Mitch Winthrop began his career as a disco and funk DJ in Toronto in 1979, and began to develop what was to become a huge following by the mid 80s. Additionally, he has hosted and/or programmed over six different house music mix shows on various radio stations, spanning the last ten years. This wealth of experience includes stints on Energy 108 (Canada's biggest dance station), Buffalo, New York's WBLK, as well as the original Keys To House (a nationally syndicated program in the U.S.), and the first ever house music show on Canadian radio (The Rhythm Method on CHRY in Toronto).

A proven live performer, Mitch has spun memorable sets in New York City and in Germany, and has also amassed a portfolio of many residencies in significant Toronto clubs. His audiences there have come to expect a solid repertoire of hard New York Tribal House and pumping garage, mixed elegantly to his very high standards. Mitch's credentials as a studio artist are also impressive. He has remixed tracks for 'Lil Louis and The People Movers, among others; he has collaborated with The Stickmen; and he has also been featured as producer or remixer on releases for Hi-Bias, SPG, Quality and Container Records, Germany. Mitch's most recent release, Still Groovin' (Aquarius) is still tearing up floors everywhere.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Elise Epp (Tuesday, June 18)

Elise Epp
Tuesday, June 18
Part of Birds on a Wire

Elise Epp is a prairie-raised singer-songwriter who has found her home creating chamber folk-pop in Toronto’s indie music scene. Founder of the six-piece chamber pop band Theodor, Elise honed her talents as an orchestrator creating lush, symphonic soundscapes with intricate and interwoven melodies.

Elise’s work pulls from a wide variety of musical sources. It is rooted in the classical, a nod to years of training first as a violinist then as a trumpeter and singer, and draws natural comparisons to the likes of Beirut and Owen Pallett. Her crystalline voice is reminiscent of a young Kate Bush: sweet yet strong, bringing her unique pop pieces to life. Her songs show a stark contrast between bright, catchy melodies and dark narratives, inspired both by the folk music of her youth and the melancholy German Lieder that played an indelible role in her classical training. Along the way, Elise’s unforgettable and often highly personal songs balance the philosophical and the emotional.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Data Romance & Dent (Wed. June 19)

Data Romance & Dent (Doors at 10 p.m.)
Wednesday, June 19

$7 (AA/Lic)

Data Romance (Vancouver, BC)

Ajay Bhattacharyya and Amy Kirkpatrick, both 25, first came together two years ago in their hometown of Victoria on Canada’s Vancouver Island. Kirkpatrick had moved to Vancouver proper, where she started using her training to do lights for the city’s biggest clubs. Bhattacharyya, meanwhile, had come to the city to study sound design for film.
From the circuit-bending tonalities mirroring Nine Inch Nails to the feminine aspect evoking the mystical eroticism of Lykke Li, Data Romance provides an evocative, haunting, groove-filled soundscape.


Dent (Guelph)

I suppose it’s not uncommon for a band to be a product of their environment, but for this band the constant surroundings of old noisy electronic devices, high piles of recording equipment, and the drive to conquer the world of Lo-Fi Electro-Rock has made their objective inescapable. Think fat keyboards intertwined with fuzzy 8-bit bass and driving back beats that sound like they’ve been dragged through a ditch. Top that off with infectious vocal melodies sung in harmony and you have Dent.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Northcote, The Matinee, The Treasures (Thursday, June 13)

Northcote, The Matinee, The Treasures
Thursday, June 13 (Doors at 10 p.m.)
$12/10 w/ a food item

Northcote (Victoria, BC)

Matt Goud (aka Northcote) may take you by surprise when he steps up to the mic. Though the soft-spoken Goud is known by friends and family as a gentle giant, he infuses his original songs with a uniquely powerful and confident voice.

Born and raised in small-town Saskatchewan, his early exposure to music was a mix of traditional country on AM radio and the hymns he learned at his childhood church. However, it wasn't until he discovered punk and hardcore music that he realized music’s healing and therapeutic power.

Over the past eight years, few young musicians in Canada have put on as many miles as Goud, who toured for years as a member of a post-hardcore band and has more recently transitioned into life on the road as a singer/songwriter with accompaniment by an ever-rotating slew of guests and friend musicians. 

The Matinee (Vancouver, BC)

Shoot out the lights, and stone the roses—there’s some strong autobiography going on between the lines of The Matinée’s debut full-length album, We Swore We’d See the Sunrise. Taking its title from a line in “L’Absinthe”— the true story of a night of madness and delirium experienced while on tour in Quebec told between bouts of sparkling down-country guitar work from Matt Rose—what we hear is a band whose five members have known each other since high school, throwing everything they have into a record they’re treating like a milestone.

And the work was hard. Emboldened by their third place win in the 2011 Peak Performance Project and the subsequent record deal that followed, The Matinée ducked in and out of different studios, experimented, and generally strove—because they could— to be as great as possible for the year or so they spent working on this much- anticipated release.

The Treasures (Toronto, ON)

Toronto roots rockers the Treasures have honed their back-to-basics sound the old-fashioned way: through the boot camp of constant gigging. Specifically, the kinds of bar residencies where you're expected to play multiple sets a night for an audience who are often there more for the beer than the band. If you can succeed in that kind of challenging setting, you know you can take your act anywhere.

Formed in 2009, they've built up a dedicated following over the past few years, winning over audiences with their sweet harmonies, nostalgic melodies, and warm classic twang. Instead of a single frontman, they share vocal duties and all help out with writing the tunes. After all, some music is more about the song than the video, and for the Treasures, the song is always supreme (even if that means that the guy who wrote it might not be the one singing the lead in the end)

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Ann Vriend (Tuesday, June 4)

Ann Vriend
Tuesday, June 4 (no cover)
Part of Birds on a Wire

Ann Vriend has headlined at festivals as far away from her hometown of Edmonton as Berlin and Australia and sold over 13,000 albums off the stage, independently.  “Easily one of Canada’s greatest unannounced singers.... Her strengths as a pianist and lyricist mean Vriend is the complete package” (A n E Vibe Magazine).

First, the voice: “Soulful, inspiring, brave and bluesy” (Rip It Up, Adelaide) with a “vocal range from vulnerable delicacy to blasts of soulful power” (Halifax Chronicle), Vriend's vocal sound has been described as an enchanting cross between Dolly Parton and a young Aretha Franklin and as “almost confronting” by The Sydney Morning Herald.

Besides this, Vriend's songs possess a natural knack for melody, garnering her hits on both independent and commercial radio stations--including Gold rotation for her tune “Feelin' Fine”--and have charted on college stations as far away as Germany and the Netherlands.  Vriend has been commissioned to write songs for organizations such as the Canadian Tourism Corporation and the Commonwealth Games, and her music has been featured in a U.S. DVD release of Party of Five.

With a stack of rave reviews now under her belt, and an increasing confidence as a writer and performer, Vriend is making fans in each town she plays.  “Wherever Vriend takes her music next it will be in the right direction,” states The Daily Telegram.  And Drum Media gently urges: “If she makes another visit soon, you'd do well to go along.”  Stated more forcefully by Toronto Star: “Don't miss her.”

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Captain Dirt and the Skirt (Tuesday, May 21)

Captain Dirt and the Skirt
Tuesday, May 21 (No cover)
Part of Birds on a Wire

Captain Dirt & The Skirt is the new musical collaboration between singer-songwriter-guitarist Kristin Sweetland and bassist-violinist Lyndell Montgomery. Coming from their own independently successful music careers, Sweetland and Montgomery are seasoned road-warriors, having toured extensively nationally and internationally for more than a decade. Now they have joined forces with all their experience to create unique and original music together. Their songs are exceptionally diverse in style, drawing from genres such as traditional folk, Eastern-European folk, bluegrass, hymnal, Parisian café music, gypsy-jazz, and pop-rock. All this, united through the unparalleled prowess of their signature style, which combines the precision of classical music with the edge of rock ‘n’ roll, and the romantic flair of French cabaret.


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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sarah Hiltz (Tuesday, May 7)

Sarah Hiltz
Tuesday, May 7 (No cover)
Part of Birds on a Wire

"There is no doubt that Hiltz is a star on the rise."--Nicole Fricot, Culture Factory

Sarah Hiltz is emerging as a singularly talented Canadian songwriter with a voice all her own. Echoes of Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell and Feist ring out faintly through the structure of Sarah’s artistry in a modern blend of folk and jazz she’s been perfecting over the last 10+ years of performing.

Living up to a long tradition of folk music, Sarah has been praised for her ability to tell a story through song. It is with this ability that she bridges the gap between folk and jazz, telling stories not just with her lyrics but also through wordless sound. Staying true to the improvisational spirit of jazz, Sarah works to make each live performance a unique and memorable experience for her audiences, delving ever deeper into that magic-something that makes live music matter.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DJ Czech, Edwin the Cat, The ShiKing (Friday, April 19)

DJ Czech, Edwin the Cat, The ShiKing
Friday, April 19 (10 p.m. - 2 a.m.)
$8. Free downtown parking! (19+ LLBO)
Presented by Open House Music

 As we continue to cultivate our "Legends Series", The eBar and Open House Music are tickled to bring yet another DJ/ producer/ Underground guru to the Royal City, for you, the good people of the Royal City!

It's been a busy year of amazing events with amazing support from all of YOU! As we continue to grow and promote events that are just outside the box we stay true to the deep, funky, heavy, soulful, bass-driven music.

To those of you who have been stomping tile on the dance floors of the tri-city club scene, this man will be no stranger to you, as he is a local son returning home (well, almost home) for a show that is certain to touch on the old-school break beat as well as new-school bangers. Without further ado...

DJ Czech

Vancouver/Prague, Czech Republic
Hi Karate, Futuristic Funk

It’s a standard formula for world domination and DJ Czech is sticking to it well.

First, control you own neighborhood: Czech’s initial step into the Canadian underground scene was introducing “Soul Kitchen” to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada’s top ski and snowboard destination. That was 1989; Whistler has grown into one of the top sports destinations in the world and Soul Kitchen is still cooking up beats, making it the longest-running club night in Western Canada.

Next, Czech infiltrated the thriving new music scene in Vancouver BC, and his unique flavour of breaks, turntablism, and comic personality earned him legendary residencies at all of the city’s hottest nightclubs, and helped establish VanCity’s reputation for up-front electronic music. Meanwhile Czech had ensured himself household-name status on the West Coast, particularly among breaks lovers.

Third step, the world. Somehow balancing his residencies with a ridiculous touring schedule, Czech has been turning out at prestigious clubs and massive raves every single weekend for the last fifteen years. He’s carted his records throughout Europe, North America and Asia, and headlined alongside premier acts such as The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Parliament, Orbital, Crystal Method, De La Soul, Rabbit in the Moon, Porno for Pyros, and countless world-renowned DJs.

And to round it off, Czech has been writing and producing his own tracks for over two decades, continuously building his studio and releasing music on Futuristic Funk Records, which he co-owns and uses to proudly showcase other Canadian talent as well as his own material.

These days Czech primarily spins Break Beats with touch of Electro, but he has been known to drop all old-school 45 funk sets out of the blue and pepper them with some down-home mid-tempo breaks, just to make sure you’re paying attention.

What I like most about Czech is not his unrivalled history on the scene, his numerous key accomplishments, or his worldwide appeal. I like him because sometimes when you go visit him in the club, he’ll toss on a looped record of the Joker laughing--just laughter, no music--and light a cigarette and talk to you about whatever pops into his head until the dance floor starts throwing ice, glasses, and insults at him, demanding more beats. After a minute or two, usually when the audience is at near-frenzy levels and the cigarette is getting down, Czech will thank you for dropping in, order you a drink, and get back to work.

Edwin The Cat

Guelph, Ontario
Open House Music

Edwin’s first professional DJing gig was in the early 90’s opening for DJ Czech’s Famous “Soul Kitchen Sundays” in Whistler BC. Taking Influences from DJ Czech, Scott Arkwell aka DJ Vinyl Richie, and Tommy Africa’s resident DJ Scott Elliot, Edwin became a student of multi-genre DJing. From Whistler he moved back to southwestern Ontario to take up several residencies playing with DJ’s from the world famous “Industry Nightclub” in Toronto. During the mid 90s, “the Cat” moved to Halifax, where along with Harry Mathers, Mike Paine (aka Hoola Hoop), and Sara Spicer (aka Lioness), he helped open Vitamin Tribe Records on Hollis Street.

The Vitamin Tribe crew helped to pioneer the outdoor music festival scene in Halifax, throwing free full-moon parties at renegade locations by the Halifax airport. These underground events soon turned into the most famous parties of that era, such as “Go the Distance” and “Go Further.” If you attended these parties you will certainly remember Edwin’s epic sunrise sets, dropping timeless classics like “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” literally as the sun reached the horizon. In 2000 Edwin moved to the Caribbean with John Farrugia, aka Big Toe of Big Toe’s Hi-Fi, to explore and learn the grassroots of turntable culture. His DJing resume continues to grow as Edwin played both the 2009 and 2010 “Shambhala” (which is known as one of Canada’s premiere International music festivals) and the 2012 Evolve Festival, which was voted “Best Festival In Canada” in 2010 by the listeners of CBC Radio 3 Searchlight.

More recently, Edwin has been wearing various hats as he promotes and hosts events at the eBar in Guelph, Ontario. Responsible for delivering some of the best musical events on the Tri-City calendar in both 2012 and 2013, the eBar stage has been graced by such world-class and international acts as Roy Davis Jr (Chicago), Sticky Buds (Vancouver), JFB (Brighton UK), and Terrence Parker (Detroit), thanks to Edwin’s tenacious desire to provide the Royal City with next-level entertainment.

The ShiKing

Guelph, Ontario
Open House Music

The ShiKing is hosting, creating, manifesting, expanding, painting, sculpting, writing, and playing. Over the past ten years there have been weekly residencies at the Atmosphere Cafe (The Pressure Sessions), The Albion Hotel (OPEN hOUSE & Get the FUNK out), and most recently at NV Lounge (RELEASE/ CONNECTED Fridays). Many special events have brought Canadian icons Mitch Winthrop (Toronto), Gene King (Montreal), Andy Roberts (Toronto), Sticky Buds (Vancouver) and, of course,  legendary international talent such as Roy Davis Jr (Chi-Town USA), JFB (Brighton, UK), and Terrence Parker (Detroit). The vibe hasn’t changed and the sounds are still soulful all these years later. Much respect and many thanks goes out to all the friends, family, promoters, influences, connections, and good peeps The ShiKing has met along the way. Keep believin’. Keep it real.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Corinna Rose and Norma MacDonald (Tuesday, April 16)

Corrina Rose and Norma MacDonald
Tuesday, April 16 (No cover)
Part of Birds on a Wire

Corrina Rose

Banjo wielding folk-rock troubadour Corinna Rose will make your heart flutter and use its beat to start a hoedown. Named after a traditional country-blues song, and her great-grandmother, Rose was raised on folk, but has always gravitated towards alt, pop, indie and prog rock. Rose crafts songs that simultaneously capture the warmth, joy and darkness of the folk tradition, yet unabashedly uses crooked rhythms, jazz chords and electric guitars. Her music is marked with heart-wrenching personal nuance, telling stories of nostalgia, loss, the countryside and breaking other people's hearts.

Norma MacDonald

Norma MacDonald is a creature of dichotomy; joy/sadness, city/town, past/future, art/science, dog/cat. Her music reflects the mixed feelings of one who is in a constant state of flux along these spectrums and the nostalgia felt for both extremes. An extroverted introvert, MacDonald is known to be a versatile performer; she slides easily from theatrical poise to talking sass with the drinkers in the front row, usually in the same set. Her big vocals, heartfelt delivery and sharp wit are hallmarks of her live performances.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Angela Saini (Tuesday, April 2)

Angela Saini
Tuesday, April 2, 9:30 p.m. (no cover)
Part of Birds on a Wire

Singing from the womb, Angela picked up the guitar at fourteen and started writing songs in-between teaching herself Nirvana covers. In the backdrop of Calgary, AB, her Austrian mother and Indian father drove her to gigs as she began strumming her brand of pop-folk at local clubs, breaking into the local music scene before she had finished her first year of high school.

Playing in pop/rock outfit ”Supernal” that took her across the continent a few times, performing at festivals alongside bands like Evanescence and Sum 41, she garnered enough experience and road cred to move to Canada’s biggest city. Her recent band Drive Faster appeared in Master Tracks on AUX TV with Moe Berg and Laurence Currie at Metalworks Studio. Berg described the process as a “homerun” and during the episode says, “The vocalist is just so outstanding. You almost get a rush when you are recording someone like that.”

With a notebook full of songs and frequent gigging as an acoustic solo artist, Angela decided to take her songs electric and got the attention of Johnny Fay, drummer for The Tragically Hip. Demo sessions together resulted in pre-production for a solo record. Runner-up for Best Female Artist in the 2010 International Acoustic Music Awards for her song "Nurse Me Back to Health" (Dear Diary), the debut EP Cake and Callouses was released April 2012. Two cross-Canada tours and a Toronto Independent Music Award nomination later, Angela is poised to release Leap, her follow-up EP filled with songs about self-renewal, empowerment, love and life.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sampology (Friday, March 29)

The eBar presents Sampology
Friday, March 29 (Doors 9:30)
$8 cover

Sampology is no ordinary artist. His legendary “Super Visual” live video show series has earned him an undeniable reputation as one of the leading Audio Visual DJs, playing a number of the world’s greatest music, film and arts festivals, including Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival , Big Day Out, SXSW, Big Chill Festival, Berlin Music Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Sydney Festival, Tropfest and Adelaide Fringe Festival.

He’s unlike your regular artist releasing singles, EPs, and albums, and touring live music venues and clubs around the world (Although he does a lot of this too!). In recent times, Sampology’s been commissioned by other talented luminaries in music and television to put his clever trademark spin on their legendary content. In 2011, Chris Lilley of Angry Boys/Summer Heights High fame hand-picked Sampology to produce an audio and video remix for his suburban American hip-hop character S. Mouse, and in the same year iconic Australian act The Wiggles came to Sampology as their go-to man for an audio and video remix for their 20th anniversary tribute album “ReWiggled”. Sampology delivered a specially commissioned “20th Anniversary of Falls Festival” live show on New Year’s Eve at the legendary Australian festival, and in early 2013 stay tuned for another fresh Sampology AV take on an iconic Australian comedian and his free-to-air TV show.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Two Hours Traffic and Boys Who Say No (Tuesday, March 26)

Fortnight Music presents Two Hours Traffic and Boys Who Say No
Tuesday, March 26 (Doors 10:00 p.m.)
$10 in Advance/$12 at the door, AA/Lic
Tickets at The Cornerstone or Ticketbreak 

Two Hours Traffic

Two Hours Traffic’s specialty has always been unforgettable pop melodies. Now, with a revamped lineup and a new producer behind the board, the award-winning Charlottetown band has honed its craft and created its catchiest, most focused album to date, entitled Foolish Blood. Over the past decade, they’ve earned a short list nomination for the Polaris Music Prize, come out on top at the East Coast Music Awards, graced magazine covers, landed TV show placements, and toured across Canada and around the word. Having accomplished so much already, Two Hours Traffic is only getting better.

It’s like Pop music falling down the stairs.

Toronto’s Boys Who Say No have been building buzz with their playfully unpredictable brand of quirky and infectious party pop. They blast out a frenetic live show that is sure to impress. The boys are very excited for the upcoming release of their first full-length album, “Contingencies.” 

Having shared the stage with indie heavyweights like, Japanther, Cuff the Duke, Chain and the Gang  , Chad VanGaalen, Two Hours Traffic, Bloodshot Bill, Bry Webb and Attack in Black the boys are very excited to be hitting the road again this spring in support of their new album.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Abigail Lapell (Tuesday, March 19)

Abigail Lapell
Tuesday, March 19, 9:30 p.m. (no cover)
Part of Birds on a Wire

Drawing from a deep well of folk, indie and traditional influences, Abigail Lapell has made music her whole life. The Toronto singer has won over audiences of all musical stripes with her contagious melodies, evocative lyrics and heart-stopping voice—a combination that draws comparisons to early Cat Power, Sandy Denny or a stormier Natalie Merchant. 

Over the past few years, Abigail has toured extensively in Ontario and Eastern Canada, been featured at NXNE, Pop Montreal, Winterfolk (Toronto), Sappy Fest (Sackville, NB) and In the Dead of Winter (Halifax), and shared stages with Rae Spoon, tUnE-yArDs, Snailhouse, Ember Swift, Greg MacPherson and Jim Guthrie, among many others.

Come see her at the Bookshelf ebar Tuesday night.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yukon Blonde with Lucy Rose (Thursday, March 21)

Fortnight Music Presents Yukon Blonde with Lucy Rose
Thursday, March 21 (Doors 10:00 p.m.)
$18 in Advance/$22 at the door, AA/Lic
Tickets at The Cornerstone or Ticketbreak

The signature hook-heavy arrangements and lush "ooh-wah" harmonies that earned Yukon Blonde critical nods for their self-titled 2009 debut have certainly soaked into their latest output.Yukon Blonde was named one of the "10 Canadian bands destined to break in 2010 by the CBC, and Chart called the band the best of the 2010 Canadian Music Week festival. Yukon Blonde's career has so far been marked by their on-the-road ethic. Last fall they embarked on a thirty-plus date tour supporting Good Old War, as well as several headlining runs down each coast. This summer the young B.C. band played at Milwaukee Summerfest with Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and the last year and a half has seen them rack up nonstop tour mileage both in North America and Europe, including festivals such as SXSW, CMJ, and the Popkomm Festival in Berlin along the way.

Lucy Rose (formerly of Bombay Bicycle Club)

Lucy’s journey began, when she hopped on a train to London leaving behind the house in which she grew up in rural Warwickshire and struck out for the big city and the big time.  Armed with an acoustic guitar and an unstoppable dedication, Lucy played every open-mic night imaginable, she met people on the way who are still with her now and with their support and her graft she learned the ropes.  As her songs and sentiments spread their warmth through the iciest of hearts, Lucy became that most modern of phenomenon; she went ‘viral’.  Her biggest videos have clocked up over 800,000 views and on average, her sessions and videos are receiving 250,000 views each.

“Each song is a confessional of her most tightly clasped secrets.” The Fly
“A voice that could melt the stoniest of hearts.” Q Magazine
“One of the country’s most promising new voices.” Sunday Times (Culture)
“Kicking up a storm in her own right.” NME
“The song writing candour evident has seen Lucy Rose tipped for… solo success.” Daily Mirror
“Lucy Rose is absolutely outstanding!” Edith Bowman, Radio 1
“Absolutely beautiful.” Fearne Cotton, Radio 1
“I was only a matter of time before the second wave of British nu-folk pioneers made it to the U.S., and Lucy Rose is sure to be among its first breakout stars.”

Monday, March 4, 2013

Lowlands, Woodshed Orchestra, and Raven Shields (Thursday, March 14)

Fortnight Music presents Lowlands, Woodshed Orchestra, and Raven Shields
Thursday, March 14 (doors at 10:00)
$8 at the door, AA/Lic

Lowlands started as a house band to entertain the admission lineup at the Great Hall in Toronto. The instrumentation of the group perfectly supported the songwriting of Gordon Auld and Abe Del Bel Belluz and eventually they started to bring their country, delta blues, bluegrass sound into venues, art openings, and coffee houses across the city. After a slight lineup change, the band relocated to Guelph, Ontario, where they have received critical acclaim among friends and fans and have garnered attention from festivals, promoters, and industry professionals.

The Woodshed Orchestra is an ecstatic, soul-filled, communal, multi-headed celebration emancipation experience. The Woodshed will take you higher and make you feel the love you need to succeed. Yes it will. The Woodshed will light up your tree, push all the right buttons, stroke your ego till you come to your senses, and make you start to sing and dance with visions of sugar plum love making times dancing in your mind that seem so real to the taste, touch, and feel that you’ll shout in happiness and cry tears of joy for being alive.

After more than four years of working with her band Dear Sister, Raven Shields has decided to also make a record on her own and release her first EP, Matches. So far, this endeavour has been quiet but focused, with great attention to the songwriting and the dynamic of her current lineup of musicians. With Raven Shields on acoustic guitar and banjo, Aaron Comeau (also of Dear Sister) on electric guitar, and Joshua Van Tassel on drums, each song has been carefully arranged, each with unique percussion and the stark yet effective power of a trio.

Matches was recorded live off the floor, all in one day, and it aims to capture the true nature of the trio and the energy that only a live performance can offer. The EP will be released in the spring of 2013, with a record release tour to follow.

- Spencer Shewen, Fortnight Music

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fred Eaglesmith (Thursday, March 7)

Thursday, March 7 (9:30)
$25 advance tickets; $30 at the door

Throughout the years since his first album in 1980, Fred Eaglesmith has usefully managed to both transcend and blend such genres and categories as rock’n’roll, country, folk, singer-songwriter, Americana, blues and bluegrass to fashion his own distinctive brand of literate, melodic and rhythmic rocking elecro-acoustic North American music. Along the way he has gathered a unique set of accomplishments: a Juno Award for Best Roots & Traditional Album, had his music used in films by Martin Scorsese, James Caan, and Toby Keith, writing a hit #1 on the bluegrass charts (“Thirty Years of Farming,” recorded by James King), wowing David Letterman in his U.S. network debut in 2010, and finding his songs included in the curriculum at two colleges. His followers are so devoted that he is the host and centerpiece of a number of music festivals in the U.S. and Canada. He also inspired the Roots on the Rails rolling music fests and hosts its excursions on scenic railways as well as, last year, at sea. When not writing recording and performing music, Eaglesmith creates visual art that is exhibited in commercial galleries and museums.

In addition to having his compositions featured on best-selling albums by country singers and writers like Keith (“White Rose”), Jackson (“Freight Train”), and Lambert (“Time To Get A Gun”), such fellow songwriting talents as The Cowboy Junkies, Chris Knight, Kasey Chambers, Mary Gauthier, Todd Snider, and Dar Williams have all recorded Eaglesmith songs.

Catch Fred and his Travelling Steam Show for a raucous night at the eBar.