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Ann Vriend (Tuesday, June 4)

Ann Vriend
Tuesday, June 4 (no cover)
Part of Birds on a Wire

Ann Vriend has headlined at festivals as far away from her hometown of Edmonton as Berlin and Australia and sold over 13,000 albums off the stage, independently.  “Easily one of Canada’s greatest unannounced singers.... Her strengths as a pianist and lyricist mean Vriend is the complete package” (A n E Vibe Magazine).

First, the voice: “Soulful, inspiring, brave and bluesy” (Rip It Up, Adelaide) with a “vocal range from vulnerable delicacy to blasts of soulful power” (Halifax Chronicle), Vriend's vocal sound has been described as an enchanting cross between Dolly Parton and a young Aretha Franklin and as “almost confronting” by The Sydney Morning Herald.

Besides this, Vriend's songs possess a natural knack for melody, garnering her hits on both independent and commercial radio stations--including Gold rotation for her tune “Feelin' Fine”--and have charted on college stations as far away as Germany and the Netherlands.  Vriend has been commissioned to write songs for organizations such as the Canadian Tourism Corporation and the Commonwealth Games, and her music has been featured in a U.S. DVD release of Party of Five.

With a stack of rave reviews now under her belt, and an increasing confidence as a writer and performer, Vriend is making fans in each town she plays.  “Wherever Vriend takes her music next it will be in the right direction,” states The Daily Telegram.  And Drum Media gently urges: “If she makes another visit soon, you'd do well to go along.”  Stated more forcefully by Toronto Star: “Don't miss her.”

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