Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Data Romance & Dent (Wed. June 19)

Data Romance & Dent (Doors at 10 p.m.)
Wednesday, June 19

$7 (AA/Lic)

Data Romance (Vancouver, BC)

Ajay Bhattacharyya and Amy Kirkpatrick, both 25, first came together two years ago in their hometown of Victoria on Canada’s Vancouver Island. Kirkpatrick had moved to Vancouver proper, where she started using her training to do lights for the city’s biggest clubs. Bhattacharyya, meanwhile, had come to the city to study sound design for film.
From the circuit-bending tonalities mirroring Nine Inch Nails to the feminine aspect evoking the mystical eroticism of Lykke Li, Data Romance provides an evocative, haunting, groove-filled soundscape.


Dent (Guelph)

I suppose it’s not uncommon for a band to be a product of their environment, but for this band the constant surroundings of old noisy electronic devices, high piles of recording equipment, and the drive to conquer the world of Lo-Fi Electro-Rock has made their objective inescapable. Think fat keyboards intertwined with fuzzy 8-bit bass and driving back beats that sound like they’ve been dragged through a ditch. Top that off with infectious vocal melodies sung in harmony and you have Dent.

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