Monday, June 17, 2013

Elise Epp (Tuesday, June 18)

Elise Epp
Tuesday, June 18
Part of Birds on a Wire

Elise Epp is a prairie-raised singer-songwriter who has found her home creating chamber folk-pop in Toronto’s indie music scene. Founder of the six-piece chamber pop band Theodor, Elise honed her talents as an orchestrator creating lush, symphonic soundscapes with intricate and interwoven melodies.

Elise’s work pulls from a wide variety of musical sources. It is rooted in the classical, a nod to years of training first as a violinist then as a trumpeter and singer, and draws natural comparisons to the likes of Beirut and Owen Pallett. Her crystalline voice is reminiscent of a young Kate Bush: sweet yet strong, bringing her unique pop pieces to life. Her songs show a stark contrast between bright, catchy melodies and dark narratives, inspired both by the folk music of her youth and the melancholy German Lieder that played an indelible role in her classical training. Along the way, Elise’s unforgettable and often highly personal songs balance the philosophical and the emotional.

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