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Amanda Rheaume and Tara Holloway (Tuesday, July 16)

Amanda Rheaume and Tara Holloway
Tuesday, July 16
Part of Birds on a Wire

Amanda Rheaume

Raised in Ottawa, Amanda Rheaume began writing songs at age fifteen, inspired by the second-generation “girls with guitars” like Ani DiFranco and Alanis Morissette. A year later, Sarah McLachlan and the Indigo Girls invited Rheaume to perform with them at Lilith Fair at the Molson Amphitheatre, where Rheaume had been hanging out backstage with her production coordinator aunt, Jocelyn Rheaume. Rheaume says that’s when the music business bug bit her, and Lilith’s spirit of musical community has never left her either.

Rheaume has endeared herself to an enormous network of Canadian artists she now considers friends, including well-known names like Chantal Kraviazuk and Holly McNarland, the latter of whom cowrite “Kiss Me Back” for Rheaume’s latest CD. As news about her spreads beyond the capital, Guelph will have a chance to discover what Canadian musicians and people in the capital have known for some time: that Rheaume is an instantly-likeable artist both on and off the stage, one who's got the voice, the sound, and the songwriting chops to share stages with the best. 

Tara Holloway

Tara was born in Ottawa, spent her formative years growing up in Vancouver ("East Side Story"), and always, always singing.  As a teenager she began performing publicly, playing guitar and writing her own songs.  Since then she has toured across Canada and the United States, playing, writing and recording with artists like Jon Tiven ("In the Flesh"), Lyle Workman, Ben Lee, Dony Wynn, China Doll, Seven Year Old Poets, Val McCallum, Creed Bratton and Bob Thiele, Jr (Sons of Anarchy).

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