Friday, April 5, 2013

Corinna Rose and Norma MacDonald (Tuesday, April 16)

Corrina Rose and Norma MacDonald
Tuesday, April 16 (No cover)
Part of Birds on a Wire

Corrina Rose

Banjo wielding folk-rock troubadour Corinna Rose will make your heart flutter and use its beat to start a hoedown. Named after a traditional country-blues song, and her great-grandmother, Rose was raised on folk, but has always gravitated towards alt, pop, indie and prog rock. Rose crafts songs that simultaneously capture the warmth, joy and darkness of the folk tradition, yet unabashedly uses crooked rhythms, jazz chords and electric guitars. Her music is marked with heart-wrenching personal nuance, telling stories of nostalgia, loss, the countryside and breaking other people's hearts.

Norma MacDonald

Norma MacDonald is a creature of dichotomy; joy/sadness, city/town, past/future, art/science, dog/cat. Her music reflects the mixed feelings of one who is in a constant state of flux along these spectrums and the nostalgia felt for both extremes. An extroverted introvert, MacDonald is known to be a versatile performer; she slides easily from theatrical poise to talking sass with the drinkers in the front row, usually in the same set. Her big vocals, heartfelt delivery and sharp wit are hallmarks of her live performances.

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