Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DJ Czech, Edwin the Cat, The ShiKing (Friday, April 19)

DJ Czech, Edwin the Cat, The ShiKing
Friday, April 19 (10 p.m. - 2 a.m.)
$8. Free downtown parking! (19+ LLBO)
Presented by Open House Music

 As we continue to cultivate our "Legends Series", The eBar and Open House Music are tickled to bring yet another DJ/ producer/ Underground guru to the Royal City, for you, the good people of the Royal City!

It's been a busy year of amazing events with amazing support from all of YOU! As we continue to grow and promote events that are just outside the box we stay true to the deep, funky, heavy, soulful, bass-driven music.

To those of you who have been stomping tile on the dance floors of the tri-city club scene, this man will be no stranger to you, as he is a local son returning home (well, almost home) for a show that is certain to touch on the old-school break beat as well as new-school bangers. Without further ado...

DJ Czech

Vancouver/Prague, Czech Republic
Hi Karate, Futuristic Funk

It’s a standard formula for world domination and DJ Czech is sticking to it well.

First, control you own neighborhood: Czech’s initial step into the Canadian underground scene was introducing “Soul Kitchen” to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada’s top ski and snowboard destination. That was 1989; Whistler has grown into one of the top sports destinations in the world and Soul Kitchen is still cooking up beats, making it the longest-running club night in Western Canada.

Next, Czech infiltrated the thriving new music scene in Vancouver BC, and his unique flavour of breaks, turntablism, and comic personality earned him legendary residencies at all of the city’s hottest nightclubs, and helped establish VanCity’s reputation for up-front electronic music. Meanwhile Czech had ensured himself household-name status on the West Coast, particularly among breaks lovers.

Third step, the world. Somehow balancing his residencies with a ridiculous touring schedule, Czech has been turning out at prestigious clubs and massive raves every single weekend for the last fifteen years. He’s carted his records throughout Europe, North America and Asia, and headlined alongside premier acts such as The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Parliament, Orbital, Crystal Method, De La Soul, Rabbit in the Moon, Porno for Pyros, and countless world-renowned DJs.

And to round it off, Czech has been writing and producing his own tracks for over two decades, continuously building his studio and releasing music on Futuristic Funk Records, which he co-owns and uses to proudly showcase other Canadian talent as well as his own material.

These days Czech primarily spins Break Beats with touch of Electro, but he has been known to drop all old-school 45 funk sets out of the blue and pepper them with some down-home mid-tempo breaks, just to make sure you’re paying attention.

What I like most about Czech is not his unrivalled history on the scene, his numerous key accomplishments, or his worldwide appeal. I like him because sometimes when you go visit him in the club, he’ll toss on a looped record of the Joker laughing--just laughter, no music--and light a cigarette and talk to you about whatever pops into his head until the dance floor starts throwing ice, glasses, and insults at him, demanding more beats. After a minute or two, usually when the audience is at near-frenzy levels and the cigarette is getting down, Czech will thank you for dropping in, order you a drink, and get back to work.

Edwin The Cat

Guelph, Ontario
Open House Music

Edwin’s first professional DJing gig was in the early 90’s opening for DJ Czech’s Famous “Soul Kitchen Sundays” in Whistler BC. Taking Influences from DJ Czech, Scott Arkwell aka DJ Vinyl Richie, and Tommy Africa’s resident DJ Scott Elliot, Edwin became a student of multi-genre DJing. From Whistler he moved back to southwestern Ontario to take up several residencies playing with DJ’s from the world famous “Industry Nightclub” in Toronto. During the mid 90s, “the Cat” moved to Halifax, where along with Harry Mathers, Mike Paine (aka Hoola Hoop), and Sara Spicer (aka Lioness), he helped open Vitamin Tribe Records on Hollis Street.

The Vitamin Tribe crew helped to pioneer the outdoor music festival scene in Halifax, throwing free full-moon parties at renegade locations by the Halifax airport. These underground events soon turned into the most famous parties of that era, such as “Go the Distance” and “Go Further.” If you attended these parties you will certainly remember Edwin’s epic sunrise sets, dropping timeless classics like “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” literally as the sun reached the horizon. In 2000 Edwin moved to the Caribbean with John Farrugia, aka Big Toe of Big Toe’s Hi-Fi, to explore and learn the grassroots of turntable culture. His DJing resume continues to grow as Edwin played both the 2009 and 2010 “Shambhala” (which is known as one of Canada’s premiere International music festivals) and the 2012 Evolve Festival, which was voted “Best Festival In Canada” in 2010 by the listeners of CBC Radio 3 Searchlight.

More recently, Edwin has been wearing various hats as he promotes and hosts events at the eBar in Guelph, Ontario. Responsible for delivering some of the best musical events on the Tri-City calendar in both 2012 and 2013, the eBar stage has been graced by such world-class and international acts as Roy Davis Jr (Chicago), Sticky Buds (Vancouver), JFB (Brighton UK), and Terrence Parker (Detroit), thanks to Edwin’s tenacious desire to provide the Royal City with next-level entertainment.

The ShiKing

Guelph, Ontario
Open House Music

The ShiKing is hosting, creating, manifesting, expanding, painting, sculpting, writing, and playing. Over the past ten years there have been weekly residencies at the Atmosphere Cafe (The Pressure Sessions), The Albion Hotel (OPEN hOUSE & Get the FUNK out), and most recently at NV Lounge (RELEASE/ CONNECTED Fridays). Many special events have brought Canadian icons Mitch Winthrop (Toronto), Gene King (Montreal), Andy Roberts (Toronto), Sticky Buds (Vancouver) and, of course,  legendary international talent such as Roy Davis Jr (Chi-Town USA), JFB (Brighton, UK), and Terrence Parker (Detroit). The vibe hasn’t changed and the sounds are still soulful all these years later. Much respect and many thanks goes out to all the friends, family, promoters, influences, connections, and good peeps The ShiKing has met along the way. Keep believin’. Keep it real.

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