Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sarah Hiltz (Tuesday, May 7)

Sarah Hiltz
Tuesday, May 7 (No cover)
Part of Birds on a Wire

"There is no doubt that Hiltz is a star on the rise."--Nicole Fricot, Culture Factory

Sarah Hiltz is emerging as a singularly talented Canadian songwriter with a voice all her own. Echoes of Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell and Feist ring out faintly through the structure of Sarah’s artistry in a modern blend of folk and jazz she’s been perfecting over the last 10+ years of performing.

Living up to a long tradition of folk music, Sarah has been praised for her ability to tell a story through song. It is with this ability that she bridges the gap between folk and jazz, telling stories not just with her lyrics but also through wordless sound. Staying true to the improvisational spirit of jazz, Sarah works to make each live performance a unique and memorable experience for her audiences, delving ever deeper into that magic-something that makes live music matter.

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