Monday, March 4, 2013

Lowlands, Woodshed Orchestra, and Raven Shields (Thursday, March 14)

Fortnight Music presents Lowlands, Woodshed Orchestra, and Raven Shields
Thursday, March 14 (doors at 10:00)
$8 at the door, AA/Lic

Lowlands started as a house band to entertain the admission lineup at the Great Hall in Toronto. The instrumentation of the group perfectly supported the songwriting of Gordon Auld and Abe Del Bel Belluz and eventually they started to bring their country, delta blues, bluegrass sound into venues, art openings, and coffee houses across the city. After a slight lineup change, the band relocated to Guelph, Ontario, where they have received critical acclaim among friends and fans and have garnered attention from festivals, promoters, and industry professionals.

The Woodshed Orchestra is an ecstatic, soul-filled, communal, multi-headed celebration emancipation experience. The Woodshed will take you higher and make you feel the love you need to succeed. Yes it will. The Woodshed will light up your tree, push all the right buttons, stroke your ego till you come to your senses, and make you start to sing and dance with visions of sugar plum love making times dancing in your mind that seem so real to the taste, touch, and feel that you’ll shout in happiness and cry tears of joy for being alive.

After more than four years of working with her band Dear Sister, Raven Shields has decided to also make a record on her own and release her first EP, Matches. So far, this endeavour has been quiet but focused, with great attention to the songwriting and the dynamic of her current lineup of musicians. With Raven Shields on acoustic guitar and banjo, Aaron Comeau (also of Dear Sister) on electric guitar, and Joshua Van Tassel on drums, each song has been carefully arranged, each with unique percussion and the stark yet effective power of a trio.

Matches was recorded live off the floor, all in one day, and it aims to capture the true nature of the trio and the energy that only a live performance can offer. The EP will be released in the spring of 2013, with a record release tour to follow.

- Spencer Shewen, Fortnight Music

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