Thursday, January 30, 2014

Roy Davis Jr!

It's time for FAMILY BUSINESS on Family day!

The Ebar Guelph and Open House Music are pleased as pie to present to you another amazing installment of our legends series....

As it is our first event of 2014, we thought that we should go big or go home, and well... we're already home. It's been a minute since our guest headliner spent some time in the Royal City... so we invite you to come and welcome him back the only way you know how.

Hands in the air, yo ... give it up for ...

R O Y ✜ D A V I S ✜ J R!


You will be able to purchase advance tickets and request information by emailing

Sunday ☯ February 16th ☯ 2014
Open House Music and The E Bar presents


featuring very special guest and friend of the family!

ROY DAVIS JR ★ Soul Electric ★ Chicago IL

Along side local disc jockeys

The ShiKing | Open House | Guelph

Edwin The Cat | Open House | Guelph


More @ the door!

Now, standing alone, this is an outstanding way to spend the tail end of your long weekend.  However, our ROY DAVIS JR event just keeps getting better and better!

As of today, I would like to announce Open House Music's partnership with The Canadian Mental Health Association for this and hopefully many more events to come. In light of some very recent events my life, we wanted to make sure that we were helping to bring awareness to a very serious and misunderstood illness that effects many people here & now.

Our plan is to help raise some money and prepare a donation for our local CMHA affiliation, while aiding in bringing knowledge and familiarity to YOU - our most important peeps! A portion of the proceeds from all tickets sold will be donated to CMHA... but it gets better....

We have an amazing local artist who will be offering her time and passion in creating a replica painting of our flyer and it will be raffled off and signed at the event by the legendary Roy Davis Jr! 10 raffle tickets for $10 and a chance to win an original painting autographed by our very special guest. A portion of the proceeds from the raffle will also be donated to CMHA!!

If you or anyone you know is suffering, then this is an event you can 100% support and get behind. If you cannot attend, perhaps you would be willing to offer some (small or generous!) donation for our cause. OH, and don't forget our tickets are on sale now!

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to purchase tickets or kindly donate, please hit me up or here on facebook!

Many many thanks Andy Best at CMHA, Karen Leslie and amazing Ebar team, My Ngyuen for her  creative flow that will indeed be a huge addition to this event, and to Sam Rowe at FAT CAT Marketing!

For more info about the CMHA and Trellis Mental Health Guelph, please follow the link :

For more info on Fat Cat and their amazing work, checkity check check em'
out at: &

Looking for to seeing you - the family - on family day weekend!

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